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Red River Hearing and Balance Center is committed to giving children the care and chances they deserve. Hearing loss can have sweeping negative effects on many areas of a child’s life. When a child experiences hearing loss, whether partial or complete, they need skilled, experienced help. It’s vital to completely assess and minimize their communication impairment in order to reduce the personal and developmental risks associated with it.

At Red River Hearing & Balance Center, we provide highly advanced hearing care for children, from newborns to adolescents. Our Doctor of Audiology is highly trained in pediatric hearing care. Her expertise includes diagnosis of the nature and extent of hearing loss, surveillance of hearing ability or loss, communication strategies, hearing rehabilitation, and assistive device recommendation. We will work closely with you and your child’s doctors to coordinate your child’s care.

Red River Hearing and Balance Center is dedicated to helping your child reach his or her maximum potential. We will ensure the optimal use of residual hearing with listening devices, such as hearing aids. Some children may be candidates for cochlear implants, devices that contribute to hearing by directly stimulating the cochlear nerve. We also monitor children for the effects of progressive ear disease or medicines on their hearing. At Red River Hearing and Balance Center, we observe the highest professional standards to keep children safe, enhance communication skills, and promote developmental abilities.

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