Ear Infections and Tubes

Pediatric Ear Infections

Middle-ear infection, medically termed otitis media, is a common painful ear infection in infants and children. The majority of cases is found in children under two years old. Infections are more prevalent in some children and those children may experience recurrent persistent infections. In severe instances, if left untreated, hearing loss and speech delays can occur.

Ear Tubes and Treatment for Ear Infections

ENT Specialist, Tubes

In most cases, ear infections are easy to treat. Children with recurrent infections may benefit from surgically placed ear tubes called tympanostomy tubes. The tubes help to ventilate the middle ear to equalize pressure and relieve symptoms. At Red River ENT Associates, Dr. Paul Guillory and Dr. Renick Webb have more than 20 years of performing pediatric ear tube placement.

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Inner Ear Disorders

Ear Tube Treatment

The inner ear plays an important role in converting the sounds that you hear into nerve signals that are sent to your brain where they are recognized as meaningful sounds. Inner ear disorders can disrupt the ability to hear and understand what is heard. Inner ear disorders can contribute to communication and speech problems. There are several causes of inner ear disorders. The specialists at Red River ENT Associates can diagnose and recommend treatments for children and adults. If necessary, you may be referred to the Red River Hearing and Balance Center, which is located at our facility.

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