Cochlear™ BAHA® Implants

Is Hearing Loss Getting in the Way of Your Life?

Your senses influence your life. When one of those senses is negatively impacted, like your sense of smell, ability to hear, or taste, your world changes. With limited hearing due to hearing loss, you can become to feel disconnected from your surroundings, work, friends, and even the activities you love.

Unfortunately, one in every eight US residents, age 12 and older, have hearing loss in both ears (1). Hearing loss leads to many frustrating consequences (2), including:

  • Depression
  • Social isolation
  • Anxiety
  • Increased risk of making mistakes at work or being unsafe
  • Reduced quality of life

Hearing loss can put a damper on your happiness, but it doesn’t have to. Whether you’ve just discovered that you’re suffering from hearing loss or are looking for a more effective way of improving your ability to hear, Red River ENT Associates offers Alexandria, LA and nearby towns premium hearing services, including Cochlear(™) Baha® Implants. Request your appointment today or continue reading below to take a stand against your hearing loss and reconnect with the world around you.

What are Cochlear(™) Baha® Implants and How Can They Help You?

Cochlear(™) Baha® Implants are categorized as bone conduction implants or bone conduction hearing devices. They improve your hearing by transferring sound through bone vibration past the outer and middle ear, which are affected by your hearing loss, to the inner ear (cochlea). Your cochlea then sends the sound coming from the bone vibration to your brain to translate it -- giving you a much clearer sound than you are currently capable of or even than what traditional hearing aids can produce.

Bone conduction implants are:

  • Cleared by the FDA
  • Surgically-implanted to provide high-quality, long-term results
  • Designed to bypass the damaged parts of your ears
  • Small and discreet

The Baha® Bone Conduction Implant System is a proven, trusted system that turns down the fear and uncertainty around your hearing. This system, developed by the leading hearing implant company in the world -- Cochlear -- enables you to confidently communicate.

Are You A Candidate for Cochlear BAHA Implants?

Do you suffer from conductive or mixed hearing loss? If so, Cochlear(™) Baha® implants were designed specifically to bring you closer to the sounds you want and need to hear. Have you struggled to do any of the following because of your hearing loss?

  • Listening to music
  • Watching a movie
  • Talking with friends
  • Attending a concert, game, or other events

By scheduling an appointment with Red River ENT Associates and speaking with our experts -- Dr. Wold and Dr. Noel -- we can analyze your hearing loss issues, discuss the benefits of Cochlear(™) Baha® implants, and create a plan to help bring you relief from your hearing loss.

Reconnect with Your World! Take Action with Cochlear(™) Baha Implants® from Red River ENT Associates

Hearing loss sufferers in Alexandria, Louisiana trust our team of leading ENT and hearing experts to treat them with respect, properly address their issue, and provide them with any additional follow-up needs. We will do the same for you. Choosing Red River ENT Associates is choosing premium care, unmatched capabilities, and state-of-the-art technology. It’s choosing to put your worries about your hearing loss behind you and start enjoying life more freely without limitations.

Red River ENT provides full-service treatments for the following ear-related issues: Hearing Loss and, Ringing in Ears (Tinnitus), Vertigo & Balance Disorders, Fluid/Recurrent Infections and Ear Tubes, and Pediatric Ear Infections.

Are you ready to explore bone conduction implants that will make you forget about your hearing loss? Cochlear(™) Baha® implants can be customized to meet your needs. Customization options include:

  • Sounds processors
  • Wireless connections
  • Accessories

Stop hearing loss from impacting your life and schedule an appointment with Red River ENT Associates by calling 318-321-5800 or by requesting an appointment below.

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1. Hearing Loss Prevalence in the United States (JAMA Network)
2. 15 Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss (Starkey)