Ways to Treat Nasal Allergies in Central Louisiana

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Ways to Treat Nasal Allergies in Central Louisiana

Nasal allergies occur when allergens in the air affect the nasal passages. They can be caused by a range of allergens, including pollen, animal dander, mold, feathers and more.

So, how can you win the battle against the runny nose, itchy eyes and nasal congestion?

Here are a few ways to treat nasal allergies:

Find the underlying cause of your allergy symptoms

Nasal allergy symptoms can be intensified by asthma and eczema. Treating those conditions first will relieve the symptoms of nasal allergies.

Try a home remedy to relieve congestion

If congestion is your main symptom, making a home nasal spray can help a lot. You can also purchase saline nasal sprays over-the-counter at any drug store.

Visit an ENT doctor for medications

Medications such as antihistamines and decongestants can be prescribed by an ENT doctor to manage nasal allergies.

Allergy shots

Allergy shots aren’t used often. Usually, immunotherapy is only a solution for people who have tried to control nasal allergies through medications.

Consult with one of our specialists at Red River ENT Associates in Alexandria, LA for more information on treating nasal allergies.