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The initial step in the treatment of an allergy is an accurate diagnosis by an Alexandria allergist or immunologist. It involves deciding whether the patient’s symptoms are caused by an allergy and, if so, determining what triggers the allergy as accurately as possible. The resulting diagnosis will target the appropriate treatment or clinical intervention to allow avoidance of the allergic trigger which will help to eliminate or minimize symptoms.

An accurate diagnosis is obtained using a combination of approaches and tests that can include skin-pricks and blood tests to identify and confirm a diagnosis.

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Treatments can include:

Allergy Treatment

Control of Allergy Symptoms

Take control of your symptoms with a customized allergy treatment plan that is designed for you. Learn about treatment options that work for you. Learn More

Allergy Drops

Allergy Drops (Sublingual Immunotherapy)

Look beyond symptom treatment and work toward addressing the root cause. Learn more about long-term solutions with sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops). Learn More

Asthma (Rescue Medications)

Rescue Medications

Effective asthma treatment is designed to maintain breathing and prevent attacks while being prepared for rescue. Learn more about preventing your asthma attacks. Learn More

Allergy Testing

Avoiding Allergens

High quality testing is essential for effective allergy treatment. Learn more about your unique allergy profile with allergy testing. Learn More

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